Pentrich Rising

Artist: Ferocious Dog

Synopsis: June 9th 1817 was the night of the Pentrich Uprising, the last attempt at an English revolution. The conspirators planned to March on London to overthrow the government but were infiltrated by a double agent which led to the failure of the operation, and ultimately the hanging, drawing and quartering of the main protagonists. 

The video tells the story of the plot as well as show the band as the dynamic live performers they have become known as.

Production : Justin Griffiths Creative
Director: Justin Griffiths
Concept & planning: Justin Griffiths & Ken Bonsall
Props: Justin Griffiths, Ken Bonsall
Armoury: Pete Wagstaff

Edit & post production: Justin Griffiths
Lighting & Audio assistant: Luke Wheatley
Lighting & camera assistant: Matt Crockford
Derby Gaol: Richard Felix & Geoff Bye
Rescue Rooms engineer: Marc Reeves
Rescue Rooms deputy general mgr: Tom Pearson

Extras: Ferocious Dog Hell Hounds
Costume Hire: Leos Theatrical Costumiers
Makeup Artist: Rebecca Smith
Flame Artist: Kerry Sue
Farm Track usage: Dean Salt

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