Broken Soldier

Artist: Ferocious Dog

Synopsis: The story of a former soldier dealing with PTSD following his time serving in Afghanistan. From losing his wife and child, becoming an alcoholic and ultimately sleeping on the streets.

The video was created in partnership with Combat Stress, an organisation which supports soldiers dealing with PTSD. On its release, the band donated £5000 to the charity.

Production: Justin Griffiths Creative
Director: Justin Griffiths
Concept & planning: Justin Griffiths & Ken Bonsall
Lyrics: Andrew Hawkins
Actor: Shane Senior 
Props: Justin Griffiths, Chris Durkin, Ken Bonsall

Weapons: Paul Martin 
Edit & post production: Justin Griffiths
Lighting assistant: Richard (Ted) Harris
Audio assistant: Luke Wheatley
Makeup Artist: Rebecca Smith

Green Screen Studio: OneZeroOne, Birmingham
Army location: Warped Sports, Cosford.
Extras: Sarah Ward, Chris Durkin, Luke Wheatley, Ryan Brooks, Alex Smith 


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