Will You? 

Artist: Ferocious Dog Featuring Hazel O'Connor

Synopsis: The original song by Hazel O'Connor needs little explanation. For this new 2021 arrangement by Ferocious Dog, the video tells the story of a blossoming relationship, set in a Covid-era lockdown, where the simple pleasure of dog walking becomes a chance to break the isolation and find companionship in the most unlikely places. 

Lyrics: Hazel O’Connor
Music: Hazel O’Connor & Ferocious Dog
Videography: Justin Griffiths Creative
Director: Justin Griffiths

Concept & planning: Ken Bonsall, Hazel O’Connor & Justin Griffiths
Location: Claire and Jack Wheeler
Canine Stars: Diva and Lolly
Custom violin: Bridge Violins 

Record Label: Andy Farrow at Graphite Records with George Douglas and Dan Tobin
Digital: Michael Webster & Luke Branch at Cool Thing


"Delivering possibly the album of their career with The Hope, the Notts folk-punks took the Hazel O’Connor hit (with help from Hazel herself), deliver a truly touching video that goes to the heart of the sense of isolation and loneliness, and indeed the glimmer of hope, that many of us have felt over the past year."

Gerry Ranson | Vive le Rock

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