Artist: Michael Schenker Group

The brief: When you get the call from Rock legend Michael Schenker's people, you answer it. MSG were in the UK briefly for an anniversary tour, and wanted to fit in a promo video for the lead single from their new album. With some hastily arranged details, I was there with my superstar crew to turn a standard practice room into a stage set worthy of an MSG video. 

Film Credits: 

Producer/Cameraman/Editor: Justin Griffiths
Cameraman: Sam Rutter 
Sound Assistant: Clive Bullen
MUA: Frances Straker

Music Credits:

Music: Michael Schenker
Lyrics: Michael Voss-Schön
Recorded by Michael Voss-Schön
Mixed by Michael Voss-Schön
Mastered by Achim Köhler at Indiscreet
Artwork by Zsofia Dankova

Band Credits:

Michael Schenker | Lead Guitar
Ronnie Romero | Vocals
Bodo Schopf | Drums
Steve Mann | Keyboards/Guitars
Barend Courbois | Bass

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