Artist: The Wildhearts

Synopsis: Dingy kitchen. Yellowy light. Two bad men are sat at the table. Gambling. An old man, with disfigured face and a milky blind eye, and a younger man, clearly filled with hate for his opponent. Tempers will fly, blood will be spilled...

"Sleepaway" is a gory horror flick not for the feint-hearted. The story tips its hat to "The Telltale Heart" by Edgar Allan Poe, and was commissioned by Ginger Wildhearts personally.

Planned, directed & produced by: Justin Griffiths
Actors: Ade Dimberline as “The First Man” Chris Lines as “The Vulture”
Makeup Artists: Dave Darko, Rebecca Smith, Raven Laveaux
Prosthetic design: Dave Darko
DOP: Justin Griffiths
Cinematography: Sam Rutter & Justin Griffiths

Edited by: Justin Griffiths & Sam Rutter
Screenplay: Justin Griffiths
Original Inspiration: “The Telltale Heart” by Edgar Alan Poe
Photography: Matt Crockford
Assistant/runner: Richard “Ted” Harris
Special thanks to: Marie & Tony Liveing

Band Management: Andy Farrow at Graphite Records
Filming equipment hire: Mediadog

Thank you to Ginger Wildheart for a great brief and the freedom to push my boundaries


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