Artist: As December Falls

Synopsis: Sensing in the lyrics that feeling of being trapped, in an inescapable situation, claustrophobic and agoraphobic all at the same time, I chose to convey this in an American style prison setting, complete with cut scenes of band members in various states of isolation. I wanted to evoke the style of an early 2000s MTV2  style music vid, flooding the main cellblock with fans for a supercharged final scene.

Written and performed by As December Falls.
Recorded and produced by Alex Copp.
Mixed by Stevie Knight at Electric Sun.
Mastered by Grant Berry at Fader Mastering. 

Producer/director/DOP/editor: Justin Griffiths 
Main Cameraman: Sam Rutter
Production Assistant: Issy Chambers
Audio & lighting: Leap Audio
FPV Drone Pilot: Moss Davis
MUA: Lowri James
BTS: Adamross Williams

Special Thanks to Simon Cooke at Gloucester Prison and to all the fans who appear in the video


"Mayday" was added to the Rated Rock Show on Kerrang TV playlist in the UK

Jonathan Currinn | Celeb Mix:

"The music video, directed by Justin Griffiths (who also acted as producer, editor, and 2nd cameraman), is set in a prison and really conveys the lockdown vibe of the track, showcasing how difficult it was for people and how we all felt stuck inside our houses – and, at times, like we were imprisoned."

BTS video courtesy of Adamross Williams

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